Mindscapes & Lenscapes

“Maybe the terms above are not  recognized by any official dictionary but they describe very well  what I enjoy in my photography adventure and why I am here with my frames”

About Julis Simo

Born in Vienna, raised and educated in Poland before it rejoined the free world, Julis took the first picture at age of 11 using an old East German 35 mm camera, his father's possession, and a Polish Foton black and white film. The frame definitely  wasn’t a masterpiece however made a great difference in Julis’s life. “To see the world is one thing, to notice and observe what you see, is another” Julis says. From the very first picture he took, photography helped him to understand but also to feel what he saw.

 What he is looking for during his photographic escapades isn’t nature itself, but emotions and moods it offers. “My pictures are created to trigger positive feelings, not to document or present a natural environment as it may look like at a first glance.”

Thanks to some unique techniques he is using, both on a location and during time-consuming post-processing in his studio, the real landscapes transform into mindscapes. And what are Julis’ mindscapes? According to him they are nature-inspired compositions created to give the viewer a better chance to observe, feel and enjoy the beauty of the world.

Julis Simo is his pseudonym since the birth name would be too difficult to read and pronounce. Not to mention about remembering it and Julis wants to be remembered by recipients of his photography art!

This portfolio contains the work of Juliusz Kłosowski vel Julis Simo, photographer located in Serock, Poland. All rights reserved.